Legislature, State Representative Jason Lowe, House Judiciary Committee

State Representative Jason Lowe
House District  97


The Legislature listed below has been proposed by State Representative Jason Lowe (D-97).

HB 1771

Criminal procedure; removing pardon requirement and decreasing time limitation for certain applicants

HB 1772

Public health and safety; adding synthetic opioid to Schedule I

HB 1773

Prisons and reformatories; creating the Drug Rehabilitation for Prisoners Act of 2017

HB 1774

Criminal procedure; creating the Funding for Drug Courts Act of 2017 

HB 1775

Requiring the state to accept federal funding for health care coverage available under certain federal acts

HB 1776

Schools; increasing teacher minimum salary schedule

HB 1777

Children; requiring the promulgation of rules; allowing individuals convicted of certain offenses to be employed by child care facilities

HB 1778

Alcoholic beverages; employee licenses; prior felony convictions