Rogers Middle School in Spencer, Oklahoma

Attorney Jason Lowe was asked to speak at Roger’s Middle School in 2015. The students were about to take tests and the teachers wanted them to be encouraged. Later, he discovered they ranked highest in 8th grade math scores for Oklahoma City Public Schools! Jason raised more than $2,000 to reward them for their hard work and commitment to education.

“I am so proud to deliver a portion of the proceeds from the Triple Crown Affair to Rogers Middle School! At Rogers Middle School, there are some amazing kids with big dreams. I would hate to see any of them give up. I’ve been watching these kids for about a year now and I am proud of them! They worked hard to get the highest 8th grade math scores in the Oklahoma City School District,” says Attorney Jason Lowe.

Roger’s Middle School Abstinence Program

“Oklahoma is second in the nation to have the highest teen birth rates among young people ages 15-19 and that is simply astounding,” says Attorney Jason Lowe of the Lowe Law Firm. Attorney Lowe is accustomed to helping at risk youth get on-track and make good decisions. “I see a lot of young people get themselves in trouble by making decisions that affect them long after the moment has passed.” Attorney Lowe, a practicing criminal defense attorney for more than 15 years, is no stranger to the dangers teen pregnancy, poor decision making and at-risk behavior.  “The Real Care Baby Program is an impactful solution to a big problem. I am glad I was asked to help,” says Attorney Lowe referencing Roger’s Middle School’s new abstinence program.

The “RealCare Baby Program” is an Abstinence Education Program that encompasses a three-part curriculum. The first segment is ‘Choosing the Best’, an 8-lesson curriculum that offers a holistic, risk avoidance approach that teaches students the importance of goal-setting, healthy relationships, developing good character traits, STD’s, the dangers of drinking alcohol and learning how to say “NO” to unwanted sexual pressure. The second segment is the ‘RealCare Babysitting Task’ in which assigned students care for a custom-programmed realistic baby for 2 nights, bottle-feeding, clothing, diaper changing and comforting the infant. The final segment, ‘Parental Outreach’, allows parents to continue the conversation with their teen by utilizing a plethora of additional resources for the summer and an additional list of community-based resources.

“We are so thankful to Attorney Lowe for donating the necessary funds we needed to get the ‘RealCare Baby Program’ up and running. We certainly would not have been able to do it without his help!” says Marguerita Shaw of Rogers Middle School Program. “The children that participated in this program are grateful too. They may not understand how meaningful these lessons are today, but they certainly will tomorrow. We are so appreciative to Mr. Lowe for his generous support and help.”