The Triple-E Youth Grant for Local Churches

“It’s about God, family, community… and it’s about supporting our futures,” says Attorney Jason Lowe. “The Triple-E program is designed to allow churches to not only recognize need but to also develop solutions or pathways to success. I am here to support any church that can clearly share key problem areas and proposed solutions. We help churches with great ideas to implement an outstanding youth program and the greatest need.”

What is the Triple-E Youth Grant?

Local Criminal Defense Attorney Jason Lowe would like to help the community encourage, empower and educate teens. For this reason, Mr. Lowe has elected to create the “Triple-E Youth Initiative” program. “The Triple-E Youth Initiative” is just one element within a large community-based program entitled “Knowledge is Power”, a series created to help encourage and empower the community through education and open dialogue.
Local churches will be provided an opportunity to compete for a $500 grant. A youth leader, church member or pastor can write a 250-word essay describing why they feel as though their youth department deserves the grant. A grant will be awarded to one church each month until December of 2017.
At the end of the year, Jason will highlight the winning church in a special community event and award the most effective group a grant for $2,000.

Churches awarded the grant are listed below. 

Percentage of Votes for Each of the Finalists for $2,000 Grant in 2015

The Way Commu nity Church of Christ… 90
Spencer Church of Christ… 65
New Union Baptist Church… 85
Bethlehem Star Baptist Church… 77
Jones Chapel Church of God in Christ… 60
New Hope Baptist Church Ministry… 81
2015: Winner of $2,000 Grant<br />
Dr. Lawrence Murray, Senior Minister of The Way Community Church of Christ.
2015: Winner of $2,000 Grant
Dr. Lawrence Murray, Senior Minister of The Way Community Church of Christ.
The Way Community Church of Christ
The Lowe Law Firm is happy to announce the winner of the 2015 Triple-E Youth Grant $2,000 Award: The Way Church of Christ!

“Attorney Jason Lowe is meticulous and serves the community with distinction. He simply puts the passion into what he believes. In a word, he can be described as, super trustworthy. The Way Community Church of Christ greatly appreciates receiving the Triple E Youth Grant. We know it will impact our youth for years to come,” says Dr. Lawrence Murray, Senior Minister of The Way Community Church of Christ.

“Thank you Attorney Lowe, for giving The Way Church of Christ, the opportunity to be the recipient for the Triple E. Youth Grant and competing for grant for $2000. The $500.00 benefited our youth, because we were able to take them to the National Youth Conference that was held at Oklahoma Christian University. It was held on July 18-23rd, 2015. The website to the National Youth Conference is: . We had 10 children to attend. The cost of the conference was $250.00 per student. This was a very steep price for our parents to pay, so along with the grant and some fundraising, our parents only had to pay $60.00 per child.

We chose to utilize the $500.00 towards the Youth Conference, because some of our youth are dealing with so much in their lives, they are tempted to make decisions that are not in their best interests, so as counselors, we felt it was imperative that they understand how to lean on God and ask God for help. We felt being around other youth from all over the United States, would help our youth. We were right, it did help them. They were able to meet youth from California, Kansas, Arizona, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas, just to name a few. The National Youth Conference purpose is to motivate youth to be faithful, loyal , and true to the work of the Lord, and to guide youth in the right direction that will lead to strong leadership for the cause of Christ, and to give the youth an opportunity to work together, exhibiting their personal growth, abilities, and God given talents.

Our youth was able to go to workshops, perform monologues, and participate in talent shows, and sporting activities with other youth and church leaders. The enthusiasm from the conference benefitted our youth, because it enabled them to come back and share and participate in our community projects, such as Back to School Bash, Octoberfest/Drive Inn, and handing out winter gear and soup to the homeless.

It was an excellent experience for our youth, and we greatly appreciate the money for us to attend. If you have any questions, please let us know,” Dr. Lawrence Murray, Senior Minister of The Way Community Church of Christ.